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Amanda Bjornson


The Redhead

I HATED makeup in my teens and early 20s. Probably because I didnt have a clue where to start. The best I could do was heavy eyeliner under my lower lashes paired with flavored lip balm. So what changed? My desperateness to keep a job. I was fresh out of college with dreams of being a director or a cinematographer. Reality was I was bartending with a pretty hefty school bill to pay off. The only thing I could land remotely close to a camera was writing resource ads for a syndicated TV program. I totally sucked at it. After about 6 months they figured out that I sucked at it, and found someone else to do the job. Funny thing is they didnt fire me. I have no clue why, but I didnt care. I still had a job. So I started helping on set with anything and everything. Running errands, production coordinating, production assistant, floor directing, anything to keep that paycheck. I found out they needed a makeup artist on hand. And I said I could do it. I couldn't make my way to California for official schooling, so I hired a few makeup artists to give me a crash course on makeup. Then I bugged friends to practice on them, attended workshops, anything I could do to learn what makeup was (and to keep my job!). Then I jumped right in. Little did I know I would fall absolutely in love with it!

Today hair and makeup is my passion, and I'm fortunate to call it my career. I love the ever changing environments and sets, the crew, the 4am crew calls, of course craft services, and most of all seeing the final product and knowing I helped make it happen.